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OxyFree - High Quality Oxygen Absorbers with OxyEye Indicator Guarantee!


At OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers we believe in sourcing the best quality Oxygen Absorbers and offering them to you at the most competitive prices! We have many years’ experience of buying and using oxygen absorbers, for storage and packaging, and aim to bring you the best range of quality Oxygen Absorbers available.

All the Oxygen Absorbers you see at OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers come direct from OxyFree and are available with OxyFree's OxyEye O2 Indicator Technology! This allows you to immediately see if your oxygen absorbers have been used up! From our Great Delivery Costs to our Excellent Customer Service you can always rely on OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers!

The Major Benefits of OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers are clear and can be seen below:


  • Prevents the molding and growth of microbes.
  • Prevents oxidative rancidity.
  • Maintains the original taste and color of foods.
  • Extends the shelf life significantly.
  • Eliminates preservatives for more natural and organic foods.


The main industries we find to be interested in OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers are:

The Food Industry

  • Baked Goods Storage such as Breads, Cakes and Cookies etc
  • Cheese and Dairy Product Storage
  • Coffee Storage
  • Dry Food Storage
  • Herbs, Teas and Tobacco Storage
  • Pasta and Noodles Storage
  • Pet Food Storage
  • Seeds, Nuts and Dried Fruits

The Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Medical Device Storage
  • Vitamin and Medication Storage

The Meat Industry

  • Case-Ready Meat Storage
  • Cold Cuts and Cured Meats Storage
  • Deli and Lunch Meats Storage

Storage and Shipping Industries

  • Medical Device Shipping / Storage
  • Antiques and Artifacts Storage
  • Artwork Storage
  • Clothing, Fabrics and Shoes Storage
  • Electronics, Medical Equipment and Computer Chips Storage
  • Firearms and Ammunition Storage
  • Machinery and Tools Storage

Quality is vital when storing perishable products long-term!


Courier Postage to Europe Capped at 40 GBP No Matter the Weight!


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Check out the Full Range of Oxygen Absorbers sold in OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers!

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